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D32 Assessor Award




This course is best done with groups who work together on a rig/platform. A group of 8 is optimum. The course is divided into two sessions – a group one-day classroom session followed by 5-8 days of individual offshore training and assessments. At the end of this period, the trainee assessor will have completed all award elements satisfactorily or in exceptional cases, be aware of additional action required to complete the process.


To provide the assessor candidate with the skills that will allow him to consistently and effectively assess workplace performance up to OPITO Drilling Level 2.

Intended For:  

Personnel who need to assess the competency of personnel up to Level 2, including Assistant Drillers, Drillers, Toolpushers and Drilling Engineers.

Course Content:  

Assessment planning
Assessment methods
Assessment decisions
Performance evidence
Evidence portfolio

On Site
Assessment plan review
Assessment check list
Assessment process
Recording evidence
Evidence portfolio development


Client Facilities, on and offshore.

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