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Graduate Drilling Engineering Programme




12 to 16 weeks depending upon the candidate experience level, English speaking ability and the extent of individual topic coverage desired.


To give the participants confidence in their ability to know if a drilling programme is being conducted competently and which essential elements of well design need to be in place and maintained in order to ensure a successful operation.

 Intended For:  

Graduate Drilling Engineers, Drilling Engineers with little field experience and members of the drilling team requiring additional Well Engineering knowledge.

Course Content:  

The oil process, an overview
Drilling rigs
Drilling equipment
The drilling team
Reservoir engineering
Well planning
Well design
Casing and cementing
Drilling fluids
Drillstring design and bit selection
Directional drilling
Drilling problems
Well control
Well completions
Well intervention well control
Safety awareness
Risk and reward strategies

During the programme, candidates will face a series of drilling and completion scenarios on Caledonia Training & Consultancy’s drilling and completion simulator.

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