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IWCF Drilling Well Control Level 2

Surface or Combined




4 Days, (Includes half day for IWCF examination)

Course Pre-requisite   

This course is designed to meet the requirements of IWCF and can be completed with either Surface or Combined BOP certification. Please note delegates must hold a valid Drilling Level 3 OR previous Level 4 certificate to be eligible for this course. If the delegate is new to IWCF training or if the delegate's previous certificate has lapsed 24 months beyond the expiry date, he/she will be required to obtain a Level 2, then a Level 3 certificate before progressing to Level 4.

Part 1: Introduction to Drilling

For delegates who have little or no industry experience and require a greater depth of theoretical and practical knowledge to assist in achieving a better understanding of drilling equipment, drilling practises and the common problems associated with drilling operations.

Programme Content:  

History and Source of Petroleum 
Basic Geology
Drilling Rigs and Equipment
Circulating Systems
Drilling Fluids
Drilling Operations
The Drilling Team, (rig personnel – job description)
Well Planning an Overview
Casing and Cementing
Drillstring Components and Bits
Directional Drilling
Drilling Problems
Safety Awareness
Differences between onshore and offshore drilling rigs and drilling practices.

Part 2: IWCF Introductory Well Control

To provide a good basic knowledge, and understanding of safe Well Control practices on drilling units. Allowing candidates to have a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of Well Control theory and equipment at an introductory level.

Programme Content:  

Origins of Pressure
Primary Well Control
Pressure Concepts
Basic Well Control Calculations
Causes of Kicks
Blowout Prevention and Well Control Equipment
Kick Warning Signs
Shallow Gas Kicks
Shut-in Procedures
Well Control Methods
Simulator Exercises

Programme Support:  

  1. Delegates will have an initial assessment test at the start of the programme.
  2. Homework exercises will be issued daily and reviewed at the start of following day.
  3. Simulator exercises will be conducted to support classroom instruction in both parts of the programme.
  4. Programme presentation is supported with, short video, animation and question and answer sessions.
  5. An IWCF Introductory Well Control examination will be conducted on the afternoon of the final day, successful candidates will receive an IWCF Introductory Well Control Certificate valid for six years.
  6. Attending candidates will receive, soft copy of Caledonia’s DWC manual, hard copy of part 1 of the programme, Introductory Well Control exercise book.

Time Table:  

  1. 07.00 to 16.00 hours daily Monday to Friday.
  2. Instructor availability, Caledonia’s instructor will be available to delegates for additional tuition, explanation and advice from 07.30 hours daily.
  3. Tutorials are available to delegates after class daily.

    For more information please send a booking enquiry to