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Rig Mechanic Onshore/Offshore






Providing useful and practical training for Drilling unit maintenance personnel in order to increase their knowledge on the theory, design, construction, assembly and maintenance of drilling rig mechanical systems and associated disciplines which, on the students return to the worksite, should result in improved safety, maintenance and operating procedures, thereby reducing the rigs downtime and operating costs while improving overall safety, operating efficiency and reliability of the drilling unit and its systems.

Intended For:  

Drill Crews, Motormen, Assistant Mechanics, Rig Mechanics, Maintenance Personnel, Graduate Engineers with little or no field experience.

Course Content:  

Lubrication / Oils / Greases
Prime Movers
Power Transmission Systems
Rotary Tables
Travelling Blocks
Top Drive / Derrick Drilling Motor Systems
Derrick Lifting Systems.
Cranes and Portable Lifting Devices
Mud Pumps
Mud Solids/ Mud Conditioning Equipment
Centrifugal Pumps
Air Systems
Hydraulic Systems
AC/DC Generators
AC/DC Electric Motors
Parts Storage Issues
Logistics of resupply versus parts inventory and availability

Offshore Units ( supplementary )
Safety / Evacuation / Escape Routes / Temporary Safe Refuge
Chain of command
Life saving Equipment
Handheld Radio communications procedures
Gas / Fire and General Alarms
Firefighting in enclosed spaces
Watertight doors and flood prevention
Ballast systems and Vessel stability
Propulsion systems
Moored / Thruster Assist / Dynamic Positioning
Station Keeping / Vessel Offset/ Watch Circle theory
Supply Vessel / Anchor Handling / Safety Boat operations
Helicopter Operations
Survival Immersion Suit use and associated issues
Environmental Effects Issues
Explosive / Toxic Gas issues in sealed hull areas.
Deck Loadings / Materials storage
Corrosion / Fatigue Issues
Safe offshore lifting practices
Ultra Deepwater operations issues

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