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Stuck Pipe Prevention


NEXT AVAILABLE COURSE: 12-13 March 2018  



2 Days


To illustrate the scale of stuck pipe problems and to ensure all members of the Drilling Team recognise the signs of a potential Stuck Pipe situation. To define actions required by the drilling team to avoid this type of costly and time-consuming problem. To build a team approach to prevention and resolution.
Intended for: Drillers, Toolpushers, Drilling Supervisors, Drilling Engineers, Drilling Superintendents, Mud Loggers and all Drilling Team Members.

Course Content:  

Team building
The problem of stuck pipe
General stuck pipe prevention
Bottom hole assemblies
Warning signs of stuck pipe
Hole cleaning procedures
Mud properties
The causes of stuck pipe
Predicting stuck pipe
Wellbore stability
Freeing stuck pipe
Case histories
Economics of stuck pipe

In addition to classroom presentations Caledonia Training & Consultancy’s drilling simulator will be used to perform various stuck pipe exercises.

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