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Interview Skills




1 Day

Intended For:  

Anyone responsible for recruitment.


Potentially the most important asset for any company is its’ personnel. Recruiting and keeping quality people is crucial to success. This programme aims to provide you with the skills and confidence you require to conduct professional, structured, non-discriminatory interviews, helping you to ensure that the chosen candidate is the most appropriate one for the job in question.


To learn the basics of good interview technique through:-

- Developing and writing job descriptions and personnel specifications (if applicable)
- Devising selection criteria
- Reviewing CV’s and pre-interview preparation
- Understanding and managing the different stages of an interview
- Learning questioning techniques and the importance of body language
- Probing and collecting information
- Managing, analysing and comparing material from each interview
- The legal implications of recruitment
- Pitfalls to avoid


You will gain the skills and confidence to be able to interview in a structured and effective manner.

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