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Time Management




1 Day

Intended For:  

Anyone who has any problems in managing their time.


Time Management is a course which has lots of hints and tips to make better use of your time. This course will motivate and energise you to make some fundamental changes which will help you to use your time better. It helps you to get the things that are important done and to feel better about how you have spent your time. Most importantly it will help to achieve that life balance.


For the Company:-

- A better organised workforce
- Staff who are more contented
- Better use of time and resources

For the Individual:-

- Encouragement and motivation to use time to better effect
- Prioritising and planning
- Using your ‘best time’
- Building and energising strategies at work
- How to delegate effectively
- How to be better organised
- How to say ‘No’
- How to maintain boundaries

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