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Train the Trainer




1 Day

Intended For:  

This course is designed for all levels in the organisation.


The purpose of this workshop is to equip your staff with the skills and confidence to run effective training sessions. Train the trainer is a fun, practical and skill building workshop. Potential trainers will learn training techniques from Elaine Manley, who has extensive experience in training and facilitation in the oil industry, education, the public sector and the computer industry.

Your staff will learn to train in an enlightened and engaging manner as well as receiving individual coaching and instruction. A prepared session will be videotaped and participants will receive one-to-one feedback. To ensure the success of your trainer, we would recommend that a "live" training session be observed after the course and constructive feedback and coaching given.

Numbers on the course are restricted to give maximum feedback.


For the Company:-

- A cost effective approach to training
- Continuous access to expert coaching

For the individual:-

- Presenting material
- Structuring training sessions
- Developing handouts
- Delivering training which takes account of different learning styles
- Handling the challenging participant


Participants would be required to bring a ten minute training session they have prepared with them to the course.

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